Reservations for flight simulations recommended.
Reservations required for hours after 1730.

40% discount for 2 or more people.

General Aviation

General Aviation

$20/hr. We can throw a wrench or two in your flight to see how you can handle an emergency,
like loss of aileron control. Also great for practicing navigation. You can bring your flight instructor with you!



$20/hr. Assistance provided. Learn how to take-off with a tow plane and then search for thermals to stay aloft.


World War Two

World War Two

Available for up to 8 people. $20/hr. per person.
You can fly single missions or dogfight against your friends.


- or -

A-10C Thunderbolt

1 advanced simulation at $40/hr., or Virtual Reality for $70/hr..
The instructor will be with you during the flight.

Once you are experienced the rate will decrease since you no longer need a baby sitter.

Flyable Aircraft

  • A-10C  Warthog

  • P-51 "Mustang"

  • UH-1H "Huey"

  • F-5 "Tiger II"

  • Spitfire

  • Hawker Hurricane

  • Bristol Blenheim

  • Stuka

  • G.50

  • He111

  • Me109

  • Yak3