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A-10 Thunderbolt 


General Aviation

World War Two

   A-10 Warthog

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General Aviation   F-4U Corsair 
  Recommend: 13+   Recommend: 10+   Recommend: 10+  
  Feel the need to blow things up? Well try your hand at flying the A-10 Thunderbolt, affectionately called the "Warthog". Plenty of fire power on this platform, and a pretty big learning curve too.  Available in VR too!

We also have the F-15, P-51, and Huey.

  Want to learn the basics of flight? Then this is your best option. We will teach you the basics and have you flying in no time. We usually start you out on the runway in Winston and then fly to Mt. Airy, and then take off from there and land at Greensboro PTI.
This is also great if you want to practice navigation without the GPS and also great for practicing emergency procedures, because we can throw a wrench or two into the simulation that forces you to react to the situation.

$20/hr. or  $15/hr. for two or more people.
  Feel the excitement of a dogfight without ever leaving the ground! Fly just about any aircraft you can think of from WWII, and even some from Korean War as well. Sit at a flight station and immerse yourself in the cockpit of your choice as you fly against several of your friends on our networked flight stations. Zigzag to avoid being shot down, and then loop to get behind your adversary and shoot'em down before they get you.

$20/hr. or  $15/hr. for two or more people. 
      F/16 Falcon      
  Condor Soaring   Falcon 4.0      
  Rated: 13+   Recommend: 10+      
  Have you ever wanted to fly a glider? Well this is your chance to do so. The tow plane taxies to your position and hooks up, and then you're on your way down the runway and hopefully climbing out behind the tow. You can actually see the updrafts and downdrafts on this simulation that helps you learn where to find them. Also networked so you can fly with friends.

$20/hr or  $15/hr for two or more people.
  Be Maverick or Iceman for an hour! Dog fight your friends flying the F-16 Falcon with two AIM9 missiles strapped to your wing tips. Then it's guns only until you're shot down and revived, so you can do it again. Not recommended for sore losers.

$20/hr. or  $15/hr. for two or more people.

Reservations only!

Virtual Reality Experiences $30/hr.
(We use throw away inserts to make sure that you always have a clean VR visor)

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Apollo 11 Experience


Discovering Space 2

  Apollo 11 Experience VR

Discovering Space 2 VR  



Titans of Space 2

  TheBlu   Titans of Space 2  

Arizona Sunshine



  Arizona Sunshine   BROOKHAVEN  



Reservations only!


NASCAR and Stockcar Racing


Veterans, Active Duty, Guard, Reserves and Law Enforcement: 50% off regular price with proper I.D.


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