Reviews from customers of Te Wright Stuff

Reviews taken from TripAdvisor and facebook

  • Although no one was very experienced , everyone had a fun time ! Would definitely return for more dogfights. Well worth the money!

  • I flew a P-40 Flying tiger WWII aircraft for an hour. Great fun except my fiancee shot me down several times. Great fun and now I go there often....ALONE.

  • Make it a point to go here. We did the flight simulator and had a blast. Great staff. They are getting NASCAR simulator soon. Definitely going back.

  • As a Christmas present from my wife, I went to enjoy the flight simulator, NOT a video game, at The Wright Stuff in Kernersville, NC.

    I flew a P-38 and mainly a P51-D Mustang, and the experience was out of this world. Stuart, the owner and my instructor, was patient and extremely well versed on the airplanes and all equipment.

    Stuart has designed and built all simulator and his last crown jewel is a flight simulator for the A-10 Warbird, which has a virtual cockpit!!!!

    Go experience and have a blast! What a great setup that, quite frankly, needs a big shout out.

    Excellent for individuals as well as youth groups, church groups and anyone, who'd like to compete against their friends in a friendly, but challenging fashion.

    Thank you, Stuart. I'll be back next week.

  • I gave this as a gift to my husband and he loved it so much he scheduled another time. He chose a Mustang plane and flew it and fought in WWII. He scheduled next to do a A10 Warbird next. It is a flight simulator that the family owned business built themselves. My husband was a pilot and came back just raving how amazing it was. It has many aircraft and times to choose from including future Star Wars. It also has cars.

  • I found this opportunity on Groupon and talked a friend into going with me. We had a great time! I have always wanted to fly a plane but like the safety of the ground a little too much! This place gave me both! There are large computer screens for each person and the simulator computers are tied in together. If you wear a baseball style hat, you get a sensor on it and when you turn your head, your screen changes so you can look around your plane!

    Stuart, the instructor, spent time showing us the controls for the WWII planes and explaining how to play. Then he coached us as we learned how to stay airborne and chase each other through the sky! Eventually he jumped on another computer to give us an additional target to play with. The simulation can be as simple or complex as your ability level, and Stuart made sure we were set to have fun!

    There were many, many WWII planes to choose from, and a crash landing is quickly corrected by a few clicks and you're soaring out after your friends again! I left with an additional appreciation of what WWII air force pilots might have experienced during an air battle.

    There are other types of simulations available, including a virtual reality space tour that sounds like a really neat experience! I will be going back to try that one out for sure.

    This is definitely a place for people of all ages to enjoy!

  • This was one fun time. I am a senior citizen with no flying experience but have always wanted to fly. So while in Kernersville, I stopped in for an hour on the Cessna simulator. Stuart, the owner, gave me a 10 minute briefing and then let me take the controls. I made 3 takeoffs and landings during that time. Stuart was most help and patient. He was a great copilot. It was a blast. This was my first time on a simulator but it seemed very advanced. I only wish that I lived closer so I could go back frequently.

  • The instructor was super, we went with our 13 year old grandson who loved the dog fight we had together. Playing was so intense, we forgot everything around us. We would definitely go back again. The instructor helped out Grandson change to a bomber and drop a bomb on us to end the game! I would recommend this attraction for anyone of any age that can use a game control! Thanks to the owner for a great way to spend our morning.

  • My brother is in love with aviation and loves flight simulators. Great place to learn to use flight simulators because the owner is very helpful and when you have no idea what you are doing he is there to help. You are set up to play Dogfights which means you can try to shoot down whoever you are playing with. You can choose so many war planes all the way through WW1 and choose what country. If you don't want to dog fight, you can switch to a setting where you can fly your own plane and land at different airports and without getting shot down by a friend. Great for all ages.

  • Awesome place
    The kids,loved it and the instructor was very likable and awesome himself
    You should go and see for yourself

  • The owner was friendly, explained things well, and helped my fiancÚ and I enjoy our flight experience! Definitely worth going to visit!

  • awesome experience, sim was easy to learn and fun to use, hundreds of war-era planes to fly. new VR headset cockpit was incredible

  • Perfect 13th birthday party for our son! Everyone had an amazing time! Some comments from the kids include "This is the best place ever!" and "This is my dream man cave!" Thank you Stuart! You are so good with all the kids as well as knowledgeable and interesting to talk to. I highly recommend The Wright Stuff for parties, scout outings/education, and even for a unique date night.

  • My two Asian Exchange Students had a great time at your place. Stuart, you made it really very interesting and fun for them with all of the time you spent explaining things to them. Thanks!